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The Best Ways To Keep Your Car Cold

Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 1:25PM

The Best Ways To Keep Your Car Cold

There's nothing like Florida's heat and humidity. Lucky for your car, it doesn't have to feel as hot as you.

For tips on how to keep your car cool all summer long, read our blog below.

Run your system regularly

This may seem like a silly tip—especially for Florida drivers, who are likely to run their air conditioning from Christmas Day through Fourth of July! But it’s a tip worth repeating, since it can help keep your system (specifically the compressor) working at its best when you need it the most.

Don’t forget about service

Your car’s air conditioner is one of those things you never want to be without—so when it comes to servicing your AC, preemptive “check-ups” are better than coming in after a problem is discovered. You don’t need to do anything especially frequent—but once a year or two, you can have anti-bacterial sprayed into your AC ducts and replace the refrigerant used to power all that cold air.

Park in the shade

Another obvious tip (but one worth remembering during the spring and summer) is to park in shade whenever possible. It’s true that many drivers avoid this since they don’t want to dirty the top of their car—but when you’re parking somewhere sunny for longer than a few minutes (like for a day at the beach), you’ll be sure to thank yourself later as you step into a relatively cool car (whose metal parts don’t burn you at the touch!).

Open your windows on a hot day

As you step into your car after a long, hot day, you may find that you cool down faster by opening up the windows as you drive away—just for a minute or two! This will circulate the air in your car as the AC gets a chance to kick in. Once you’ve cooled down, of course, be sure to close the windows so that you don’t let any of that now-cool air blow out.

Keep a mist fan in your glove compartment

Finally, a simple solution for especially hot drives. Even if your AC system is working perfectly, a small handheld fan (and a gentle spray of mist) will be just what you need after days working outdoors or having fun at the beach. It’s also helpful for those who drive with their pup as a passenger! Fido will love the cool, simple breeze and instant relief.

If you need to get your car’s air condition into tip-top service for spring and summer trips, come on into Arrow Service & Towing! We can service your car and give you tips on how to best enjoy the road ahead.











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