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Summertime Driving, 5 Tips

Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 12:30PM

Summertime Driving, 5 Tips

Central Florida's busiest season is summer. Kids are out of school and people are on vacation visiting, so the roads are packed more now than ever.

Look at today’s blog for some helpful tips when driving this summer.

Safety first

Be sure to buckle up. Every trip. Every time. Don’t start driving until all passengers in the car are buckled. Set the first example by buckling up and reminding everyone to put theirs on. Ask again when you are ready to start driving, and give a check to make sure they are fastened securely.  

Share the road

Warm weather attracts all kinds of drivers including motorcyclists and bicyclists. These drivers share the same rights as those in cars but require extra cautious because their vehicles are smaller and don’t have the outer protection cars do.

When you approach a motorcycle keep extra distance between you and them, and always use your signals to give notice on what you’re going to do next.

Be a mindful driver

Crosswalks are placed on some of the busiest roads. With so many people crossing back and forth from the beach you have to be extra careful about who is in front of you. Even if you have the right of way you still need to double, triple check for pedestrians. Even if they run out when they are not supposed to, you still need to wait and let them cross.

Avoid distracting behaviors

The focus of the driver should be on driving at all times. Distracted driving can be anything that is taking the drivers attention away from the road. It’s okay to have passengers in the car and to listen to music, but you never want to take your eyes off the road- for any reason. If something permits you to give your attention elsewhere, pull over before you do anything else.

Do not speed

The safest way to drive is by following the speed limit. At times, it’s permitted to drive slower if the weather or traffic is too heavy. Speeding causes lots of accidents and you don’t want to be a victim of one. Remember to always stay calm and patient when driving, it’s better to be late than sorry.

At Arrow Towing we always want to provide the best tips on how to operate vehicles safely so you, your passengers, and car can be protected at all times. Should something happen to where you need roadside assistance or a towing service, we are only a phone call away and will answer 24/7. Go ahead and store our number in your phone now! 




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