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5 Tips for Avoiding Parking Problems

Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 10:50AM

5 Tips for Avoiding Parking Problems

Parking tickets and parking lot fender benders may seem like unfortunate, but inevitable, parts of life—however, by following these five smart tips, you can avoid them almost entirely. Take a look below!

Look out for posted signs

Whenever you’re parking—especially in new, unfamiliar spots—keep an eye out for posted signage telling you what you can and can’t do. Some spots may be reserved for specific shops, for example, while others are made specifically for hybrid cars. Paying attention to these kinds of signs will allow you to park with peace of mind—and will, of course, help you avoid your car getting towed or receiving those dreaded parking tickets.

Pay attention

In addition to looking out for posted signs, pay attention to what’s going on around you—this means people, other cars who might be backing out or driving through, and more.

Of course, while paying attention to your surroundings is a great way to keep yourself and other safe in a parking lot, it’s beneficial in another big way, too—you’ll be able to find open (or almost-open) spots sooner!

Use the help of a friend

When driving with a friend, you have the advantage of a second pair of eyes looking out for potential parking spots and possible hazards nearby. They can also help you with tricky maneuvers like parallel parking or squeezing into tight spots.

Be patient

When you’re rushing for work or other commitments, settling for the first spot you see is often a necessity—however, if you have the time to spare, be patient and wait for a spot you feel comfortable parking in. This will make your parking job at least a little bit easier and less stressful, which is something we can always appreciate on the road.

Look to the future

Look a few hours ahead and imagine how easy (or difficult) it will be to get out of a specific spot. If it’s a particularly tight parking lot, for example, you might choose to back into your space so that leaving later on is easier. Also be sure to give yourself as much room as possible, so that you can easily slip back into the driver’s seat in a few hours.

 By following these tips and always practicing patience and awareness in tight parking spaces, you should be able to enjoy a more peaceful experience the next time you park for work, dinner, shopping and more.

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