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10 Easy Essentials for Your Glove Compartment

Fri, Apr 07, 2017 at 1:33PM

10 Easy Essentials for Your Glove Compartment

We all know the importance of keeping a spare tire in your trunk. For smaller essentials, however, your glove compartment is key.

Take a look at today’s guide for a handy list of items worth keeping in your glove compartment, accessible and in reach for whenever you need them.


Whether you have a busy family or are one to enjoy fast food once in a while, you know the importance of having spare napkins and wipes stashed in your car. Having them within arm’s reach can help you wipe away sticky situations and surprise spills on the road.

Hair accessories

For drivers with longer hair, having a headband or a few hair ties in the glove compartment can be helpful, especially on hot days when you want your hair out of your face.


All too often, it seems like we need a pen on the road—to sign checks, write down important phone numbers, etc.—but there’s none nearby. Keeping a pen or two in your glove compartment will help you avoid this problem!


A small notepad and a pen go hand in hand. For quick notes, ideas, or reference numbers you need to jot down, you can write on a pad much more legibly than, say, a used napkin or old receipt.

Handy phone numbers

These days, we don’t always memorize the phone numbers of friends, family, or important services—because they’re all saved in our phones! But if yours ever runs out of battery and you need to call someone (whether that’s someone at home or for roadside assistance), you’ll be happy to have those numbers handy when you need them.

Smaller first aid items

Having a well-stocked first aid kit in your car is a great idea, but it might be hard to store a completely filled kit in your glove compartment. You can, however, use this space to store smaller items you might need on the road (like allergy medicine, bandages, and other simple tools).

Hand sanitizer

You will appreciate having hand sanitizer readily accessible to clean up after a number of situations (changing a tire, spilling a drink, etc.).

Emergency tool

Many of us keep multipurpose tools in our cars for the purpose of cutting a seatbelt or breaking a window in case of emergency. It made seem obvious, but keep that item (if it’s small enough) in your glove compartment, since you may not be able to navigate to your backseat or trunk in certain situations.

Phone charger

On long road trips or heading home after busy days at the office, you never know quite when your phone might run out of charge. Keeping a charger in your glove compartment is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family, wherever you are.

Spare change

For toll booths or public parking, having a collection of spare change in your glove compartment is never a bad idea.

We hope that this list helps you get more out of your glove compartment! It’s there for your comfort and convenience, so be sure to fill it with the things you need most on the road.

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